EOWG: complete survey form, Call for Review: Improving the Accessibility of Your Web Site

EOWG Participants,

We made significant progress on the "Improving the Accessibility of Your Web Site" document (also known as "Retrofitting doc") from the last few EOWG discussions, including the face-to-face meeting in France. We would like to provide this document to the public as soon as feasible, and are therefore proposing wrapping up this version now, and recording any changes for the next revision.

In order to efficiently collect any remaining issues before posting the document in the main area of the WAI site (that is, not under /Drafts/), we are using a survey form. The "EOWG Call for Review: Improving the Accessibility of Your Web Site, 2006 March" online survey form is now available at:

The review version of the document is available at:

(And the list of considerations for the next revision is in the changelog at: http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/Drafts/retrofit/retrofitting-changelog.html#next )

All EOWG participants in good standing need to complete the Call for Review survey form. Any registered EOWG participant can complete it. Your W3C user account login and password are needed to access the survey form. If you forgot your password, you can get it through: http://www.w3.org/2002/03/mail-password We'd appreciate it if you would complete the survey form as soon as possible.

~ Shawn & Judy

Received on Thursday, 9 March 2006 20:05:23 UTC