Final comments on Standards Harmonization doc

Following for your consideration:

1. Under Abstract consider including something along the lines of :
... and calls for wider (or greater) participation and cooperation for
developing a single set of standards.

The above will kind of summarize the action steps.  
2. Editorial comment: In the first sentence uner Overview, should semicolons
be replaced with commas? Or present the items in a list? 
Same comment   applies to Action Steps.
3. I suppose Consequences (h2 heading) is part of Current situation (which
is also h2). 
For clarity, better to say Consequences of fragmentation?
4. After stating what is meant by fragmentation upfront under overview, it
may be better to drop the words 
"Different types of modifications" under current situation and begin
directly with
"Fragmentation of Web accessibility guidelines"
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Received on Wednesday, 8 March 2006 19:52:26 UTC