Comments on Teams

      a. Does "opportunities for collaborative eval" section work better
than prev "types of teams" section?

Despite its "new age" sound, the terminology really does describe what 
happens better.  Were we going to use another word to avoid translations 
problems with collaborate?

      b. How's the content in the "considerations" section?

  Good... I like it.

      c. Any other issues w/ this latest revision?

only one small point: In the Getting Feedback Section, I don't get the 
first sentence.  What "report may assist..."

      d. Check the two questions in the 9 Feb changelog

There was one requirement to tie this to "conformance".  That is not in 
the new document.

Otherwise, where necessary, the document is consistent with the 
changelog. Some changes have lost their meaning in the new document.

Received on Thursday, 23 February 2006 23:38:18 UTC