Doc Review

Sorry for the delay. For the most part the first section Combining-expertise
sounds great. It Very easy to understand. I personally would like to see the
bullet point "of a network of disability advocates who monitor accessibility
of key public and/or private Web sites" move towards the top of the list, as
the number one point.


The second section where it says


Involving users in evaluation


Inclusion of people with disabilities in a collaborative group *_may_
*contribute to development of a better understanding of accessibility issues
within the organization, or to maintaining focus on the urgency of
addressing accessibility barriers on a site; as well as through their
individual technical contributions to the evaluation.


I would change that *_will_* contribute etc.







George A. Heake Jr.

Information & Technology
Accessibility Coordinator

Emergency Management Coordinator

Institute on Disabilities

Temple University
Ritter Annex, 423
1301 Cecil B. Moore Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19122


215-204-6336 (FAX)


Member: WC3 Web Accessibility Initiative 
              Educational and Outreach Working Group

Member: Steering Committee 
              Disability Voting Coalition of Pennsylvania


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