Call for comments on European Web Accessibility Certification

Dear Colleagues -

As some of you already know, there is an ongoing EU supported
project, Support-EAM, which is exploring the potential for a
Europe-wide system of web accessibility certification and
labelling.  The project started in October 2004 and will formally
finish at the end of March 2006. In this closing phase of the
project there is a significant opportunity for public comment on
its work.

Firstly, as an integral part of the project, there is a CEN
(European Standardisation Body) "Workshop Agreement", entitled
"Specifications for a complete European Web Accessibility
Certification Scheme and a Quality Mark."  This is due to be
finalised shortly.  The current draft is available at this URL
(MS-Word format only - and yes, I am fully aware of the irony!):


Comments should be sent to Tony Hittema <>,
Workshop Secretariat by 20 February 2006.  Response template at
this URL (again MS-Word format):


Comments received will be discussed at the final Workshop Meeting
to be held at the CEN Meeting Centre in Brussels, 14-15 March

Separately, and rather more simply, there is also a related
online questionaire on "Stakeholders needs for a European
Authority for Web Accessibility certification" at this URL:


This remains open until Tuesday 28th of February 2006.

I would request and encourage everyone with an interest - even
from outside Europe and looking in - to consider both commenting
on the CEN CWA draft and responding to the stakeholders needs
survey.  I say this even, or perhaps especially, if you have any
doubts about the effectiveness of this kind of development in
improving web accessibility across Europe.

Many thanks and best wishes,

- Barry.

Received on Friday, 10 February 2006 14:53:11 UTC