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>Subject: Your assistance please!
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>as you know we are working hard to get the accessibility metadata
>organised for standardisation by ISO. In particular, I am working
>hard to ensure it is useful in the DC context, and to you. It is
>already out for public comment and the countries involved are due to
>submit their votes within the next two weeks. If you are not aware of
>all this, please consult the information already available on the DC
>Accessibility Working Group's pages (see <http://dublincore.org/ 
>To prepare the draft, we did the best we could to simplify the
>information gathering that is necessary. I am writing to ask you to
>please, help us by looking at the two forms on the Web and trying to
>create metadata using them for some resources - composite, atomic,
>whatever you like. The forms are not beautiful and accessible, for
>which I apologise, but they should be good in the short term for
>feedback, if you are generous enough to help us.
>The aim of asking you to try these forms is not to determine what
>interface is easiest to use etc, which will be important later, but
>to see if we can get a quick indication of how it is easiest to
>gather the information we need for the AccessForAll approach. It may
>be helpful if you would use both forms for some resources. We hope
>you can help. It might use half an hour of your time now but,
>hopefully, save hours and hours in the long term.
>The forms are on my personal Website so they do the right thing and
>we can collect the data (I don't have the skills to do this any other
>way, sorry).   We are asking you to try to use real resources just so
>that you can really see if you can create the metadata - but I
>promise nothing will be done with the information you submit other
>than to see what it looks like and  how manageable it will be. You
>are welcome to use false URIs for resources, if you like, as that
>won't matter to us. We certainly will not be making a big deal of
>your ability to create metadata (or otherwise!).
>It will help a lot if you can spare this time, and please, send any
>comments to me about the process or anything else you think is
>important, or, if you wish, to the list.
>Form 1: http://www.ozewai.org/A4A/Draft-AP-6-1.html
>Form 2: http://www.ozewai.org/A4A/Draft-AP-6-2.html
>In anticipation of your help,

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