Re: Evalutation Tools List

Hi Justin,

Justin Thorp wrote:
> Does web technologies mean the web technologies that the evaluation tool 
> is made with or that the evaluation tool can check?  I am assuming it is 
> what it can check.

Good point. Let's discuss on the call.

> Does the distinction of HTML vs. XHTML mean that there are evaluation 
> tools that just support one or the other?

Yes. Some tools only support HTML and not XHTML.

> I would suggest changing the list:
> # Web Page (XHTML/HTML)

The precise term would me "Markup" but that may be even more confusing. "Web Page" seems too fuzzy for me (doesn't the CSS and everything else belong to the page?).

> The list just saying XHTML or HTML adds an extra level of cognitive 
> complexity for me.  When I evaluate a web site for accessibility, I 
> don't think about evaluating the accessibility of the HTML.  I think of 
> evaluating the web page.

Good point. Seems like we need to re-look at our target audience.

> In the platforms list, what about a web-based evaluation tool?

Yes. It will be there called "Remote On-line Service".


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