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HI Justin,

Your comments are good - thankyou. In the compilation of entries, I found a
number of tools that were "web based" as you describe it, and I think this
is a useful addition to 'platform'. I described the tools I found in this
category as "web interface", rather than belonging to any particular
operating system or 'platform'.

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  Hi Shadi and Group,

  First off, I am very excited about this tools list.  It has really evolved
into something I think that it is going to be an excellent tool for people
to use.  Having been in on some of the evaluation tools discussions at
Michigan State University, I know narrowing down the long list of tools and
finding which ones fit your needs is not easy.  I think this tool really
speaks to that.

  A few comments and questions...

  On the simple search page:

  Does web technologies mean the web technologies that the evaluation tool
is made with or that the evaluation tool can check?  I am assuming it is
what it can check.

  Does the distinction of HTML vs. XHTML mean that there are evaluation
tools that just support one or the other?

  I would suggest changing the list:
  # Web Page (XHTML/HTML)
  # Style Sheet (CSS)
  # PDF Documents
  # SVG

  The list just saying XHTML or HTML adds an extra level of cognitive
complexity for me.  When I evaluate a web site for accessibility, I don't
think about evaluating the accessibility of the HTML.  I think of evaluating
the web page.

  In the platforms list, what about a web-based evaluation tool?

  Justin Thorp

  On Feb 2, 2006, at 8:01 PM, Shadi Abou-Zahra wrote:

    Dear Group,

    Ref: <>

    Please find an updated draft of the "Evaluation Tools List". It
incorporates most changes discussed during previous discussions and should
be fairly complete. For tomorrow's discussion we would like to identify any
remaining issues to finalize this work.

    Note: this is only the static mock-up for the design of the tool
interface. The ERT Working Group is currently compiling the database
information and a working prototype of the tool is expected soon.


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