Fwd: The proposed EU Quality Mark for Accessibility

With Liddy's permission I forward this to EO:

I am not a member of that group but you have my permission to send it
on - please make it clear that it is drafty thinking!!! and meant to
stimulate comment - I'd like to hear from anyone with comments to
make ...perhaps they could cc me if they respond to the list?


>Date:         Tue, 10 Jan 2006 14:46:29 +0900
>From: Liddy Nevile <liddy@SUNRISERESEARCH.ORG>
>Subject: The proposed EU Quality Mark for Accessibility
>All the best for 2006!
>Are you aware of this?
>The CWA on Specifications for a Complete European Web Accessibility
>Certification Scheme and a Quality Mark (CEN/ISSS WS/WAC) is nearing
>its finalization.  The draft CWA is currently available for 60 days
>for public comment (until February 20th) from
>I am sending my first-pass rough draft comments to you for your
>comments as I am a conscious that mine are a bit terse  (somehow I
>think some of what's in here might need to be said?).
>Ideally, I'd like to submit something constructive to the CEN
>Workshop that others think they can support.  Discussion and
>suggestions on the DC Accessibility WG mailing list will be welcome.
>I will then try to prepare a joint statement to represent DC members'
>I suspect there is more to be said about metadata and accessibility
>and discovery etc?
>You are, of course, encouraged to submit your own comments directly
>to the CEN Workshop.

Best Regards/Harvey Bingham

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