RE: Tools List - audience?

Hear Hear - I also support Barry's note and think Liam's suggestion may be
an answer.


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I agree, Barry -- the magic-toolers are an anti-audience. As suggested in
last Friday's meeting, perhaps a single page *Health Warning*/*Read This
First* notice at the top of each tools page would be easiest solution? Could
be a single line.

Before you use this resource, make sure that you have familiarised yourself
with the document "Selecting Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools".

Regards to you all,


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> Hi All -
> Just following up on the telecon discussion on the "audiences"
> for this document.
> My concern was that I felt it was dangerous to see this resource
> as being targetted at people who have "... little or no
> experience in evaluating Web accessibility, and who want to
> comply with Web accessibility standards".

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