Re: for content review: Involving Users in Evaluating Web Accessibility

Hi Shawn,
hi all.

I really agree with you; the draft is well organised ;-)

The few changes I'd suggest, are about the wording "include",  
"included", "including" to change to "involve", "involved", "involving".
Just because I like document titles like "User involvement in  
evaluating Web accessibility" and "Involving users in evaluating Web  

Below, only two suggestions about wording:

* priority: [editor's discretion]
* location: second paragraph, first list item
* current wording: "Informal evaluation of a specific accessibility  
issue can be as simple as asking a person down the hall who uses a  
screen reader...
* my comment: I don't know what "a person down the hall" means

* priority: [editor's discretion]
* location: third paragraph, very last sentence
* current wording: "Be careful not to assume that all users,  
including users with disabilities, use your product the same way.
* suggested revision: "Be careful not to assume that all users,  
including users with disabilities, use user agents or assistive  
technologies the same way.



Il giorno 16/set/05, alle ore 19:33, Shawn Henry ha scritto:

> We had a good discussion in today's EOWG teleconference about the  
> "Involving Users in Evaluating Web Accessibility" document (title  
> still under development). Draft minutes and changelog items are  
> available at:
> Based on that discussion, it seems the current draft is very close  
> on overall content and organization, and the remaining work is  
> mostly at the "wordsmithing" level. Therefore, please complete a  
> content review in the upcoming week and send any content comments  
> to the EOWG list by:
>     Monday 26 September
> I encourage you to send comments earlier and discuss them on the list.
> ...

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