Re: EOWG: Readings and Agenda for teleconference 26 August 2005

1. Comments on the "Requirements for 
Before/After Site" doc.

Minor edit:

"Incorrect usage of TDs that render 
visually but not on some ATs ..."
Change ATs to Adaptive Technologies.

I would like to see some elements that 
don't enlarge well.  For example: Fixed 
size vertical frames that contain site 
map information


A layout table a with a site map row on 
the top with say 8 options and two 
columns below for actual content. 
Enlarging the site map to the point of 
visibility expands the content columns 
to the point where they require 
horizontal scrolling.

Question: What do we mean by CMS? 
'Content could include: moving up to 
XHTML once CMS supports it.'

2. Comments on the concept draft BAD page:

It is really ugly.  First I tried it 
with style sheets and it did not make 
sense.  Then I tried it in IE with their 
largest text (no other restyling) and 
that was ugly too (line spacing was 
awful).  Yes you certainly have 
demonstrated graceless transformation.


Received on Thursday, 25 August 2005 22:58:20 UTC