introduction to CAPTCHA paper -- Re: EOWG: Agenda for teleconference 15 July 2005

> 3. Introductory page for WG Note on Inaccessibility of CAPTCHA's
>    The PFWG is about to publish a Working Group Note which will update 
> the old Working Draft on CAPTCHA's. This will need an introductory page, 
> to briefly orient people to the document.
>    - old Working Draft:
>       * Inaccessibility of Visually-Oriented Anti-Robot Tests
>       *
>    - new Working Draft:
>       * will probably not be publicly visible before EOWG call, but will 
> cover most of same issues
>    - introductory page:
>       * draft will be posted to EOWG list before teleconference

An early draft introductory page is at

Questions for review and discussion:

1. The title of the Note is too complex and confusing. What should be the title of this introductory page? (e.g., Introduction to Inaccessibility of CAPTCHA Paper, or Introduction to Inaccessibility of Anti-Robot Tests, or Introduction to W3C Note on Anti-Robot Tests or...)
- The shortname in the navigation? (Anti-Robot Tests, or Inaccessible CAPTCHA, or Robot or Human Tests, or...)
- The filename? (/intro/captcha, or intro/antirobot, or intro/robot-human, or...)

2. Is this draft about the right amount of introduction? Is more needed? Or, should it be even shorter? Does it cover what is needed for an introduction? 

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