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Re: Highlights comments

From: Shawn Henry <shawn@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 07:37:01 -0500
Message-ID: <42B2C3ED.3010606@w3.org>
To: Andrew Arch <andrew.arch@nils.org.au>
Cc: 'Barry McMullin' <mcmullin@eeng.dcu.ie>, "EOWG (E-mail)" <w3c-wai-eo@w3.org>


Per last week, we still have an open issue with the CSS to move stuff after the <h1> in the HTML...

We can talk about that in WSTF...

~ Shawn

Andrew Arch wrote:
> Barry / Shawn,
> I also find the heading structure confusing - due to the CSS versus the
> visual layout.
> This is the structure on the page:
> Page Title: Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) - home page
>   <H2>Site Navigation</H2>
>   <H2>Sidebar</H2>
>   <H2>What WAI Does</H2>
>     <H3>WAI develops...</H3>
>     <H3>WAI welcomes...</H3>
>   <H2>Announcements</H2>
>     <H3>Events, Meetings, Presentations:</H3>
>     <H3>Documents in Progress:</H3>
> <H1>Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)</H1>
>   <H2>Highlights</H2>
>     <H3>Finding Your WAI: Exploring the New Web Site</H3>
>     <H3>Web Accessibility: The Fellowship of the Guidelines</H3>
>     <H3>Robot or Human? Tests Discriminate Against Humans</H3>
>     <H3>Blog, Wiki, CMS... Got ATAG?</H3>
>   <H2>Sponsors</H2>
>   <H2>Validation Logos</H2>
>   <H2>Document Information</H2>
> Cheers, Andrew
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> Subject: Hightlights comments
> Hi All -
> (Sorry this is so late; in my timezone, Friday morning tends to be
> when I actually get around to thinking about EO, but I'll try to
> find some more rational schedule on an ongoing basis.)
> I generally like the current Highlights draft.  They are tight, yet
> interesting, so very good teasers.  I prefer the style with
> "conventional" linkage from the running text.
> We did have some conversation about thinking of the Highlights as
> more "blog like" - having timestamps, exposed authorship, maybe a
> separate RSS feed, and (implicitly) having items systematically
> move down the page and off the end with time.  I possibly missed
> some of that discussion due to my connection problems.  I see we
> now have a generic "byline" for edition of the Highlights as a
> whole, and that works well for me. I do miss any kind of
> timestamp, in particular, to give some sense of the currency of
> these items.  If the highlights are going to all "turned over"
> once a month, it may be enough just to add this to the
> "Highlights" heading itself, rather than stamping each item.
> Two minor nit-picks (which may be out of scope for today
> anyway, but just to log them):
> - What's with the <br /> elements?  Maybe they are good, maybe
>   not, I don't quite understand what the intention was... For
>   what it is worth, they did disrupt my own reading, rather than
>   help it.
> - Not so sure about hiding the <h2> in the footer from "visual"
>   user agents.  "How did I know?" you might ask? I toggled on the
>   Firefox outliner extension.  But then when I activated the
>   "Document Information" link in the outline, I didn't see any
>   "Document Information" heading in the document and got
>   confused.  Yes, this is an unusual use case, so make of it what
>   you will.  On the good side, I really liked the structure I saw
>   with the outliner; and I imagine this may work well to enhance
>   access for people with certain kinds of cognitive disability.
>   With possible outliner use in mind, I would also be inclined to
>   add a header (<h2>? <h3>? for the "byline" or "editor" of the
>   Highlights...).
> Best - Barry.
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