Re: Fwd: WAI search for review this week

Thanks very much for the comments, Harvey!

> All WAI documents need to be reviewed for appropriate <meta 
> name="keywords" content="..."&gt';

Yes. (However, we won't be able to get to that right away.)

>> b. What are the pros, cons, and priority of providing Advanced Search?
> Pros: allows more selective search, by operator combinations,
> Cons: that google writeup has much irrelevance,
> and doesn't seem to suggest +"..." as required content;
> -"..." as excluded content
> That Help should include search features, such as the +"...." and -"...".

We will need to figure out the priority of pointing to Google's search help versus doing some of our own.

> How would "off-site" content show up:  particularly the tools, when 
> there may not be uniform naming on tool capabilities.

Do you mean pages not on We don't want to include those in a WAI-specific search.

~ Shawn

Received on Friday, 10 June 2005 00:36:46 UTC