Lexicon Title and the Word


I used our basic tool of the lexicon 
group to find the meaning of words 
-Google.  Yes, when in doubt use 
Google>define: lexicon.

Here is a fairly typical and plain 
language definitin of lexicon:  The 
inventory of words in a given language. 
The English lexicon can be found in a 
complete dictionary.

Now some of the definitions were 
excessively technical using terms like 
morphemes.  Others really addressed 
another problem space. However, and this 
is across the board, all the definitions 
of lexicon used terms like "complete 
dictionary" or "all words" or something 
indicating inclusion of the total 
vocabulary.  Now, 25 words is not complete.

So, aside from Alan's good point, there 
is Justin's question of whether lexicon 
is the right word.

Talk to you tomorrow. Very early.


Received on Friday, 3 June 2005 03:09:15 UTC