Re: Lexicon: Four descriptions need consensus

If I was a translator, I think I would appreciate

         Assistive Technology: definition A slightly more than definition B.

         Informative: definition B more than A.

         Non-normative: definition B more than A, but neither really works 
for me.

         Normative:  definition B more than A.

I think my slight problem with the definitions of Non-Normative is that, in 
an alphabetical English listing it appears before Normative which it should 
(in my opinion) follow (in a strictly narrative sense).

Anyway, those are my votes.

Chuck Letourneau
Starling Access Services

At 19/05/05 16:50, Henk Snetselaar wrote:

>Dear EOWG members,
>In the teleconference of May 6 we made a good progress in perfecting the 
>lexicon entry descriptions. There were only four descriptions without a 
>clear consensus of the EOWG-group.
>These four are on top of the list in the attached document and has two 
>alternative descriptions. Although the differences are minor we want to 
>have your final word on that.
>We hope to have some time in tomorrows call to get this ready. Please read 
>the stuff.
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