Telling users how to use their browsers

I have been thinking about the discussion Friday about the redesigned site  
and the pages telling users how to change font size and style sheet. My  
suggestion was that this page could be an example for owners of other  
sites to copy and adapt for their own sites.

However, there is a serious problem in promoting accessibility of Web  
content because most users don't know how to take advantage of the  
accessibility features of their browsers, or choose more accessible  

This information shouldn't really be duplicated on each site. Some  
education & outreach work is needed to help people learn how to use their  
browsers. I have in mind a small printed flyer, linked to the WAI site. We  
could produce a page containing the source material, in different  
languages, that other organisations can use as a basis for designing and  
printing the flyer. Instructions would be general, not browser-specific.

It could include:

* What to look for when choosing a browser. Explain what a
   browser is (many people use one without knowing) and that
   there there are alternatives).

* That one can change text size (again, few people know). How
   to do it, in general terms ("Most browser have an option
   for this: look in online help for 'text size'").

* That the user can change the colours. How to to do it.

* You can experiment with different style sheets. Link to
   a quick tutorial.

* There are guidelines for browser manufacturers. Why don't
   they implement them? What you can do.

I'm suggesting that the source material be an EOWG deliverable, but not  
the printed flyer.

best regards,

Alan Chuter
Fundosa Teleservicios
ONCE Foundation
Madrid, Spain
Tel. +34 91 1210335

Received on Wednesday, 20 April 2005 08:40:43 UTC