Quick tips form: second draft

Hi folks,
thanks for your suggestions about "quick tips form" first draft.

Here's the second draft.

In the "qtform2_b.html" file I rearrangend the "personal details" and
"address for delivery" text boxes; it's only a cosmetic arrangement.

- I rearranged starting text layout only for this draft.

- I put a fieldset around the whole form.

- About edit boxes that does not increase accordingly (when View > Text Size
> Largest is selected in IE) I set a "body {font-size: 1em;}" declaration in
embedded CSS. I find that there's not a same declaration in the default CSS.

- I changed position of
"Up to500 cards are available at no charge. For quantities over 500, please
send information about your intended distribution plans to
wai-quicktips@w3.org, and we can discuss different options for getting you
the cards. Currently, only the English Quick Tips are available in braille
and large print formats"
and put it outside the form.

- About "address line", I don't know what is the real importance for USA o
other Country to have two lines. In Italy, one line address is enough. Then
in Italy, for example, the "province" item is important; it's necessary for

- I rearranged order pull-down menu in a different way; so there's no
problem about irritating wrapping.

- I changed the "submit text" in "To submit the order (you will receive a
copy of the present order in your email)".

 - I think that maybe we can take off accesskeys: they could bring about
more conflicts that advantages.

Thank you



Received on Wednesday, 1 December 2004 15:59:56 UTC