Re: "Quick Tips" form first draft for comments

Hello Pasquale, Shawn and all,

here are two remarks to the form sent by Pasquale:

1. Should address line 2 and state/province be really specified as "required"?
- Address line 2 is often not necessary as the address can be entered in 
the first line.
- European countries, for example, do not have state/province names. Making 
this field mandatory may be confusing for people from those countries who 
fill in the form.

2. When tabbing through the form and reaching the e-mail link to 
">", I think that the purpose of this link is not clear 
when read out of context.

If I read it with Jaws for example, I hear:
"order details,>". Perhaps the text of the link should 
be made clearer like:
"write to> if you wish more than 500 quicktips".


A 07:48 23/11/2004, Pasquale Popolizio a écrit :
>Hi folks,
>here's "Quick Tips" form first draft for your comments.
>Thank you Shawn for your precious suggestions ;-)
>Some information:
>- I used only CSS and not table;
>- form is valid XHTML 1.0 strict;
>- arranged items in 5 fieldsets; the last (submit) is made not visible by
>- used "em" for padding and margin: so it's very simple to arrange and
>- used tabindex and accesskey where is possible; I think that maybe we can
>take off accesskeys: they could bring about more conflicts that advantages;
>- used "color: #000;" in the form element because in IE 6 with WIN XP the
>legend were blu;
>- used a more light gray for the background;
>- I don't think it's important to include place-holding characters in edit
>- in the "order details" I put Order 1, Order 2 and Order 3 in all pull-down
>menu labels; so I think it's more clear;
>- tested on MAC OSX Firefox, Safari, Opera 7.x, Camino and IE; on WIN XP
>IE6; on W98 IE 5.X.
>Now I'll also draft the "resulting page" from the submit action.
>Best regards
>Pasquale Popolizio
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