Re: First Beginners Lexicon results

Henk, I really like what you have done here.  I think your methodology for 
choosing the terms for inclusion is valid. The group-polling takes what 
would otherwise be purely subjective choices and adds a bit of weight to 
the decisions.

I think the harder task will be to answer your second question. I am sure 
that some of the many definitions already out there could be used little 
modification, but there are some that cry-out for annotation (or rewriting 

I have to say that, where you have included them, I like your own 
definitions. I think you are on the right track with them.  The trick will 
be to ensure that any plain-language (simplified) definitions we come up 
with still bear enough resemblance to the original (complex) ones that 
people don't think we are defining two different concepts.

Chuck Letourneau

  At 04/10/29 04:19, Henk Snetselaar wrote:
>Hi all,
>Here are the first 'Beginners Lexicon' results.

>-       What about the way of working, is this leading us somewhere?
>-       What about the descriptions, should we take existing descriptions 
>or compose each description from scratch?

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