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Presenting the Case for Web Accessibility: Comments

From: <michaeka@wellsfargo.com>
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 17:17:00 -0700
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Hello, everyone -

Here's some suggestions for the suite:

The links under Related Resources should only be to documents outside the
suite. The documents within the suite ARE the suite, not RELATED to it.
Having links both to the suite docs and to outside pages in one place is

If we want navigation for the suite at the bottom of the page, we should
design it as navigation, not as related links. Possibilities include:

- Repeat the suite nav at the bottom of the page.

- Create another design for "footer nav."

- Put this navigation in a paragraph at the end of the document content
right before the Related Resources header:

"This document is part of the Presenting the Case for Web Accessibility
resource suite that includes: Overview, Social Factors, Technical Factors,
Financial Factors, Legal and Policy Factors, and References." [Each of the
parts named would be links, except for the page the user is on.]

I don't think we need to begin the introductions to the Social Factors,
Technical Factors, Financial Factors, and Legal and Policy Factors pages
with the "This page describes..." sentence. It's redundant.

The suite nav and the title of the document already says that we're talking
about, for example, social factors. Also, by eliminating this sentence,
we're reducing suite link redundancy: rather than three links on most every
page to the suite documents, we would only have two - the top suite nav and
the bottom links. (Three links on a page going to the same place is not a
good screen reader experience.)

The introductions to Social Factors, Technical Factors, Financial Factors,
and Legal and Policy Factors pages would then begin with the actual subject
matter of the page.


The topic of the Overview page is "suggestions on how to compile such a
customized business case...." The introduction should focus on this. Having
it begin with why Web accessibility is important is a disconjunct for me. 

It's important to have this info in the Overview, but possibly it could go
under its own header after "Introduction" and before "Identify the
Organization's Interests." We could list the whys and also link to other
places in the suite that further describe the importance of Web

The Introduction could then begin with "Different organizations have
different requirements for a 'business case'...."

I would change "This WAI Resource Suite" to "The Presenting the Case for Web
Accessibility resource suite...." This is user centric rather than
organization centric.

I don't think we should use "building blocks" in the phrase "guide to the
building blocks which make up this resource suite." Does this mean the
building blocks that the suite itself is composed of or the building blocks
that can be compiled into a business case? The suite is more than the
building blocks suggested for building a case for Web accessibility.

Ran out of time - have to go now....


Blossom Michaeloff
Web Research and Design
Wells Fargo
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