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Subject: Social Factors

I have doubts about using the term "digital divide" in Social Factors.
implies a black and white situation, whereas the reality is shades of
Please note the attached article from Scientific American, August 2003: 
"Demystifying the Digital Divide - The simple binary notion of
haves and have-nots doesn't quite compute" by Mark Warschauer.

Overview of the article: "The concept of a 'digital divide' separating 
those with access to computers and communications technology from those 
without is simplistic and can lead to well-meaning but incomplete
at a solution based on merely adding technology to a given circumstance.

"In fact, people have widely varying opportunities for access to
and communications technology and disparate reasons for wanting the
of access they may desire.

"A consideration of how people can use computers and the Internet to 
further the process of social inclusion is paramount in any effort to 
install new technology into an environment lacking it."

The original download from Scientific American's Web site is the PDF 
attachment. I've also attached a text version.


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