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Web Accessibility Introduction - Word "usable"

From: Roberto Castaldo <r.castaldo@iol.it>
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 18:43:50 +0200
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Hi group,

I've read again and again the actual document, and I've found one point that
concerns me and is about the first sentence, maybe the most important one:

"Web accessibility is making the Web usable by everyone, regardless of

When we say "usable" aren't we creating a possible misunderstanding with
usability issues? We all know that usability and accessibility are different
disciplines; they do have some point in common, but they're separate; I'm
afraid that the word "usable" can lead the newbie to consider usability and
accessibility as one single discipline.

Possible wordings? "Functional", "Useful", "Efficient" or something similar.

Moreover, is it possible to say in English "Web accessibility is making
everyone getting benefit from the Web, regardless of disability"? Does it
make any sense?

My best regards,

Roberto Castaldo
www.Webaccessibile.Org coordinator
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