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Web Accessibility Introduction

From: <Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 08:33:56 +1000
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 Suggested amendments in [ ]:

 What is Web Accessibility

 Web accessibility is making the Web usable by everyone,
 regardless of disability.

 [Web accessibility means a Web that people with disabilities
 can use. It also benefits most other Web users - and
 developers, and organisations, and ... ... ...]

 Web accessibility focuses on designing [pages and
 applications] so that people with disabilities can use the
 Web effectively. For example, some people cannot use a mouse
 [while others cannot see the screen and its graphics]. Web
 accessibility ensures that the Web can be used with only a
 keyboard and does not require a mouse, [and information is
 contained solely in images]. [An accessible site is also
 likely to be more usable on mobile devices than inaccessible sites??]

 More specifically, the goal of Web accessibility is that
 people with visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive,
 and [or ('and' implies a person with multiple disabilities
 only)] neurological disabilities can perceive, understand,
 navigate, and interact with the Web.

 <snip />

And just to note that I like the term "functional limitations" as can
include  the elderly, injured, and PWD

Dr Andrew Arch
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Member, Education & Outreach Working Group,
W3C Web Accessibility Initiative

NILS - A Joint Venture between the
Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind, The Royal Blind Society of NSW,
and Vision Australia Foundation.
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