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WAI Site Redesign, site-wide navigation concept

From: Shawn Lawton Henry <shawn@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 23:38:56 -0500
To: "'EOWG'" <w3c-wai-eo@w3.org>
Message-ID: <001001c45425$004b3b30$6944c418@SLHenry>


The WSTF is currently working on a model for site-wide navigation and
would like EOWG input before continuing.

The current WAI site has essentially no site-wide navigation. WSTF
proposes incorporating site-wide navigation on every page within the WAI
site. [1]

Goals and advantages (pros):
- increase visibility of all resources on WAI site
- make it easier to navigate to resources and between resources
- make the site structure more clear from any page, including indicating
where the page fits in the structure
- meet the vision of being an example site [2] (since most sites have
site-wide navigation)

Concerns and possible negatives (cons):
- adds complexity to each page
- takes up space
- can we make it highly accessible and highly usable?

Drafts for Discussion:
1. One possibility is to have hierarchical navigation vertically along
the left; a _rough_ mock-up [3] starts at:
and two sample ending pages are at:
Note that in these mock-ups the following "paths" are live - that is,
those links are clickable - and all the others are not:
	WAI > About WAI > Education and Outreach > Participants
	WAI > Guidelines and Resources > General Resources > Why
Standards Harmonization is Essential

2. WSTF also discussed other options, including tabs across the top,
"breadcrumbs" (showing the path in the hierarchy horizontally, such as
"WAI > About WAI..." above), quick links along the left [4]. These were
ruled out because they didn't meet the goals.

Discussion Parameters:

At the EOWG teleconference on Friday 18 June 2004, we will discuss the
concept of site-wide navigation and the issues surrounding hierarchical
navigation along the left.

In the teleconference we will _not_ discuss detailed design, nor
technical implementation issues. (WSTF had concerns about making the
navigation accessible and usable, and we recorded that as a major
dependency, which we would address before going very far with the idea.)

The WSTF has completed a working draft of the information architecture,
which is documented in the site map at:
This information architecture will be re-evaluated, and possibly
revised, based on the navigation design work.

On Friday, we _might_ talk about the information architecture if there
is time and interest; however, we want to get through the discussion of
navigation before we go on to other related discussions.


End Notes:

[1] note that "every page on WAI site" does not include the technical
report (TR) pages, which include the guidelines themselves, the
techniques documents, and anything under http://www.w3.org/TR/

[2] from vision at http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/2003/analysis-sum#vision:
"implements best practices: an inspiring model for graphic design/visual
appeal, accessibility, usability, technology"

[3] PLEASE NOTE: These mock-ups are for concept discussion only. They in
no way represent the design or final wording, e.g., color, abbreviations
or not, etc. These are only for the purpose of discussing the concept of
a site-wide navigation and the option of hierarchical navigation along
the left.

[4] quick links mock-up:


~ Shawn

Shawn Lawton Henry
W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
e-mail: shawn@w3.org
phone: +1.617.253.8788
about: http://www.w3.org/People/Shawn/
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