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Betr.: Outreach updates

From: Eric Velleman <E.Velleman@bartimeus.nl>
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 15:11:51 +0200
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Hello Helle,

You wrote: [...] Also Karen Mardhal (member of ATAG WG) and I have finally finished the
translation into English of a report from the Danish Centre for
Accessibility [...] 

Is there a link to a webpage, or is it a document that is not (yet) available online?

Kindest regards,


>>> Helle BjarnÝ <hbj@visinfo.dk> 28-5-2004 14:55:12 >>>

A few old updates from Denmark:
On the 16th of April we had a one day conference e-accessibility for
government web master et. al. Frans Storr-Hansen and I di a presentation
with a panel of end users with different disabilities showing examples of
problems they meet on web sites, Frans did the general introduction and I
talked about the most common problems we see on government web sites, I used
the results from last years Best of the web survey as source. Also the new
Centre of Excellence at the National IT and Tele Agency presented their new
Tool box which is supposed to help with setting up contracts and for
procurement; part of this toolbox is a kind of checklist which can be used
when writing the contract and both the organisation and the supplier can
check which accessibility features they want on their web site, this means
that you can actually say no to e.g. alt tags on images ( we have tried to
make them change this without success - as we don't have any laws we can't
force accessibility on the organisations, but at least they have to make a
Also Karen Mardhal (member of ATAG WG) and I have finally finished the
translation into English of a report from the Danish Centre for
Accessibility which describes a test of 14 Content Management Systems
available in Denmark. The Vendors where invited to make a test web site and
then having it evaluated for accessibility. The report describes the outcome
of this evaluation and in the first round all the CMS's failed but in the
second round after having made different changes in their systems 4 of the
CMS actually produced accessible web pages. The project did not include
conformance evaluation for ATAG, they only evaluated according to WCAG. The
translation is for the moment only available as a word file, karen Mardahl
and I are working on a HTML file which we hope will be available soon. If
any one is interested I will be happy to send you the word file, It will
also be available for download from the Danish Centre for Accessibility web
site in the near future.
Kind regards

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