Re: EOWG: Agenda, 12 September 2003 potential regrets

If I'm not on the call tonight please record my regrets - I'm developing a
cold now that Spring is here!

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An agenda for our 12 September 2003 teleconference follows.

Time:           8:30am - 10:30am US Eastern Time
Zakim Bridge:   +1.617.761.6200
                 conference code EOWG# (3694#)


1. Outreach updates (brief)
         - Please send to EOWG mailing list in advance when possible

2. Highlights of EOWG meetings last week in Dublin
     - Web Accessibility Networking
     - Web Accessibility Evaluation Exchange
     - Education and Outreach Working Group Meeting

3. WCAG 2.0 Working Draft, Discussion of EOWG perspectives
         - Final review of EOWG comments for WCAG WG
         [will be available on EOWG mailing list before EOWG
         - WCAG 2.0 Draft available at:
         - Comments from mailing list:
         - Discussion questions:

Minutes from last EOWG meeting, face-to-face in Dublin:

Reminder: IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
            - used only to accompany, not replace, EOWG teleconference
            - channel: #eo
            - server:
            - port: 6665


Shawn & Judy

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