WCAG 2: Background and Abstract

Hello All,
1. The abstract does not read like one. An abstract should be a  summary / shhort overview  of the doc. This is unlike the one  for WCAG 1.0 which really reads like an abstract.
2. There is a need for a "Background" somewhere  at the start of the doc. It  can become the basis for  a later section that will explain transition from 1.0 to 2.0. More importantly it is necessary to state what has changed since 1.0 was released and   why  there is a need for 2.0. The abstract now merely states  that feedback on 1.0 is being incorporated and "It attempts to apply checkpoints to a wider range of technologies and to use wording that may be understood by a more varied audience". I find this tenuous and do not find it reason enough  to migrate from 1.0 to 2.0. Why is a change in conformance methodology necessary from the P1, p2 etc style ? 
- "Wider technology" needs to be  clarified enough   to justify a new guideline that changes priority levels of existing checkpoints. Note that 1.0 also mentions SMIL, MathML and CSS. Client/Server side scripting and XML also have been around  before release of 1.0. Hand held devices and mobile technology    too have been around ...they  are more advanced now.
- Significant issues raised by feedback  on 1.0 needs to be  referenced in the background too.
- Will one have the option to  continue using  1.0 ?

3. The Introduction section of 1.0 brings out the beneficiaries of  accessible design very eloquently. Can something similar be incorporated here in 2.0?
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