Ultimate tersification, please!

Frivolous request? Perhaps.

I am working on a geometric mnemonic to "advertise" WCAG 2.0 on peoples' 
desks (actually it fits rather well on top of many monitors).

The four faces of the tetrahedron (please don't call it a pyramid) have the 
Titles of the 4 WCAG 2 guidelines and the help I need is boiling down the 
core checkpoints to fit under them as roughly shown in 
http://www.webeone.org/wcag2.jpg which when printed, cut out and taped 
appropriately makes a regular tetrahedron which can rest in its base 
http://www.webeone.org/base.jpg which has legends on its three visible 
faces that don't relate to the task at hand (it was made for xmlgl but 
that's another story).

Originally I had the text for the tetrahedron in the document (which 
includes the aforementioned figures) at http://www.webeone.org/wcagtet.htm 
but I'd like better text for both the main piece and the base.

A contest with no prizes, but anything to ease the twilight years of an old 
Geezer, right?

But seriously, folks... it works well enough on ordinary paper  but if it 
were printed on card stock (with decorative icons and colors).and die cut 
for easy assembly ...

So just take a few minutes from your busy schedule and send me suggestions 
for making this great.


It's Bad Luck to be Superstitious!  

Received on Saturday, 9 August 2003 00:00:42 UTC