what is web accessibility slide revisited

Wat is Web Accessibility?
A website or Web application becomes accessible when:
- it presents  all its content in a manner that helps understanding while
being navigable, operable and perceivable by all users; and
- individuals  with disabilities with the aid of special computer-access
technology if any, can direct the course of and attain the outcome offered
byWeb content as effectively (or successfully) as individuals without

Web accessibility is enhanced when software used to build websites (or
authoring tools)  can be effectively operated through special
computer-access technologies used by some people with disabilities.

The use of W3C Web technologies like HTML, CSS, SMIL, etc.,supportsWeb
- casts "understandability" in a different way that I hope is more
- introduces concept of "equivalent facilitation"- equality of access by PWD
and non-PWD. I think this is important and has been absent in the
discussions and definition so far
- brings the thrust on PWD as is the focus of WAI
- Authoring tool accessibility is covered but separately from Web content.
In the earlier draft the way it was worded, it appeared to be a qualifier
for access technologies- "including technologies used by some
 people with disabilities, to access the Web and to build accessible
Websites "
- separates the "what is accessibility" from "how it is to be done"
- The structure has been changed somewhat but I could not make it work any
other way. However, as I recall, it addresses all our specs.

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