Re: India policies on web accessibility [resent]

Thanks Harvey for that.  That Act is specific to a state and it talks of
making info  available to public upon request.. info from state/local gov
offices only. And it does not mention PWD or making info available in
accessible form to them upon request.
There is another legislation (Persons with Disability Act 1995.)
applicable to the whole of India but that too does not deal with access to
Web content or services on the Web.
I'll check the availability of more info on the subject.
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> The World Wide Web Consortium -- Web Accessibility Initiative
> Policy page
> has no entry for India.
> The recent workshop indicates that there are such policies or legislation.
> Some reference WAI accessibility recommendations.
> A google search finds among others:
> Right to Information Act 2000
> What do you recommend for inclusion on the W3C Policy Page?
> Thank you in advance for your suggestions,
> Harvey Bingham
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