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At 02:42 AM 1/17/2003 -0500, Harvey Bingham wrote:
>Wrap up(?) Online Overview of Web Accessibility Initiative
>I had to go to Opera or Netscape Navigator to see entire slides on screen.
>MSIE wouldn't let me resize so I wouldn't need to scroll to see each page.

We talked on a previous call about a variety of issues with the new version 
of slidemaker. We'll be collecting those at our meeting tomorrow and I will 
put in a request to the person currently working on slidemaker to make some 

>Judy, when you are "driving" through this presentation, do you normally 
>skip slide 2,
>     "Some Tips for Using t[T]hese the Slides"
>the navigation description?

Actually, these aren't what I usually present from. I usually use slides 
that are more concise, and customized for the audience, and provide the 
context while I talk my way through them. However, for people who are 
unfamiliar with Web accessibility, and working their way through the slides 
online, and/or presenting the slides to the public, the additional context 
from the longer explanations appears to be worthwhile.

>Possibly all that is needed for that is a pointer to
>an offline description -- I believe that is one of our goals to use 
>navigation, (aided by sidemaker) so a description in one place would suffice.

It does take up a lot of space. But I think the number of people who'd 
follow that link might be far below the number of people who might need to 
follow the link, and therefore it may be good to leave at least some of 
this information here. It should be shortened substantially though.

Furthermore, since different people keep changing the way the slidemaker 
tool works, we seem to need a version that is accurate as of the last time 
that the set of slides were re-made.

- Judy


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