New Technical Factor for Business Case

Here's an additional aspect for inclusion in the Technical Factors 
document. What follows isn't a draft text, just brainstorming.

Using W3C technologies also reduces the effort and cost required in staff 
retraining.Technologies like HTML, XML have a wide base of experienced 
designers and developers. HTML as it is used today has been stable since 
1997, XML since 1998. Users who learned HTML in 1997 find that their skills 
from that period are as valid to day as they were then. Using W3C standards 
protects investment in training, coding and content against changing 
versions of browsers and plugins. Content marked up using W3C languages 
will stand the test of time. Using W3C technologies avoids vendor lock-in. 
W3C technologies are the result of industry consensus.

I think this is an important technical factor. Organisations spend large 
sums on hiring people to develop Flash, Java Applets and other proprietary 

Also, it might seem like a format like SMIL implies an important training 
effort, as there are few people who know it, but at least once they've 
learned it, they can apply the knowledge across different multimedia 

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