Accessible authoring tool for people with severe learning difficulties


as a result of the number of projects for people with severe learning 
difficulties that the peepo project created in the early part of this 
year: I developed a tool 'My 
webpage maker' to enable staff and students to create accessible 
validated* web pages:

Teaching staff, support assistants, carers and some students felt able 
to use this without additional training.

This tool is about as simple as possible, it only makes one type of 
page, to a template. It is quite possibly too simple, in that for 
instance meta tags are not written individually.
One important benefit is that the page is automatically uploaded to a 
web server. 2 further tools 'My website maker' and a 'moderator' to 
locate uploaded pages and sites appropriately and where the author can 
find them, are needed.....

If anyone knows of a similar tool please could they let me know


Jonathan Chetwynd

*The <embed> sound file is not validated, but have currently given up 
on figuring how to both play a sound and provide validated code.

Received on Wednesday, 9 April 2003 19:53:02 UTC