RE: Accessible Flash Content with Macromedia Flash MX?

I can say that involving developers early on in accessibility is key.
For example, two years ago the United States Mint, we were a heavy Flash
user.  We also submitted a technique to make it accessible with
instructions on how to do so.  Now my application manager there, has
gone on to work for Allaire now Macromedia as a senior manager.  His
introduction to accessibility has helped to keep Flash and accessibility
on the radar site for us.  By the way he is co-author on their books.
This paragraph is in no way to give him 'carte blanc' credit as there
are many others helping and especially the accessibility group at
Macromedia deserves credit.

Just another reason to introduce everyone to accessibility as early as
possible because you never know where they will land and be in a
position to help you back.

Received on Tuesday, 19 March 2002 09:13:12 UTC