Re: Accessible Flash Content with Macromedia Flash MX?

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Subject: Accessible Flash Content with Macromedia Flash MX?


This is a wonderful first step and it's a long time coming....but the onus
is really on the webdesigners to use the accessibility features in Flash and
other programs.  You can add all the features you want -- but if nobody uses

I think it's so important to educate the design community about the
accessibility issues faced by so many internet users -- software can be
modified, but some designers' attitudes can't.  There are a couple
interesting discussions about the usability of Flash on the newsgroup -- some of you who are interested in
accessible design might want to take a peek or jump right in.  I need a
couple more pro-accessibility people to jump in on my side!

And then what about the issue of bandwidth accessibility?  Colour blindness?
Again, these issues are resolved at the design level -- no amount of
software features will help unless shortsighted designers are willing to
implement an accessibility plan that takes more people into consideration.

Carol Ott

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