Re: Look out!


I'm confused.  What does Lawrence Leissig, the Future of Ideas, and the W3C
have to do with each other?  Seems that the article/web site you refer to
is about protecting "free space" - meaning free speech and exchange of
ideas.  Are you saying that people shouldn't get to put stuff on the
internet if they don't have the freedom to protect it?  Shouldn't people
have the option/choice to put stuff on the internet and have it protected
or have it freely available?  The internet of the past is still there, no
one is taking it away, we are only adding a new choice.  Everyone still has
a choice. (well unless you're a US Federal agency, which has to [by law]
make it's content accessible so that people will disabilities have a choice
to access it's content - but I digress)

So what's the "trend" you abhor in the W3C?  Are you saying that things
like the W3C consortium are taking away free space?  Examples would be
helpful here.  W3C seems to be the only place with any power or influence
that is protecting free space - meaning interoperability, standards, and
open technology.

Which promises are you saying W3C has swallowed?

You're making a lot of alarming statements, but I honestly don't know what
you are talking about - which is alarming.

P.S. Why do you use such alarming subject titles?  Look out for what?

And why did you cross post to both PF & EO? These groups are as about as
opposite as it gets, one abut technical protocols and the later about
education and informing others.


Received on Monday, 28 January 2002 10:59:35 UTC