Re: Agenda for Friday, January 25, 2002

Outreach update:
>From the Hartford Business Journal, January 21, 2002

State making its Web sites ADA compliant

Kathleen Anderson, Webmaster
Office of the State Comptroller
Hartford, Connecticut, 06106, USA
voice: 860.702.3355 fax: 860.702.3634

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For our meeting Friday January 25, 2002,
from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. US Eastern Standard Time,
on phone bridge +1 617 252 7000...


1. Outreach updates

2. Selecting and Using Authoring Tools for Web Accessibility
         updated changelog items from
         into current page

3. Moved & updated deliverables listing
         did some re-prioritization; needs feedback

4. Training Resource Suite for Web Accessibility
         note, navigation mock-up still in place at:
         we need to walk through the suite to look for resources that need 
to be updated
         note also that there are outstanding change requests

5. Meetings
         - upcoming schedule of phone meetings
         - wednesdays...?
         - nice tech plenary agenda & registrations
         - csun meeting agenda

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