Authoring Tools (V4)

Selecting and using Authoring Tools

      Selecting new or replacement software:
         extra question - Can a suite of tools be established to provide
the accessibility that the prefered authoring tool lacks?
      Working around limitation of existing tools
         Do we need to include a point about 'correcting accessibility
issues' as part of hte last point?
           3. "... in conjunction with a caption ..."
           4a. "print media (...)" -> "print media (pagemaker, quark
express, acrobat)"
           4b. "rich media (...)" -> "rich media (flash, director)"
           4c. "presentation formats" -> "presentations"
           6/7. dtd & css tools - should we point to any?
           8 - what about the WAVE  for checking?

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Received on Friday, 25 January 2002 02:06:50 UTC