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RE: Databased and dynamically generated sites

From: LIPKINA,NATASHA (HP-PaloAlto,ex1) <natasha_lipkina@hp.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 17:52:13 -0700
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To: "'saylordj@WellsFargo.COM'" <saylordj@WellsFargo.COM>, w3c-wai-eo@w3.org

Dear all,

I am still trying to get an answer re testing of dynamincally generated
pages.  At this moment, I am sending to you a very rough draft of the
testing recommendations we have right now.  

Testing Dynamic web-sites

1. Introduction
This document presents typical organization of entities on dynamic sites and
steps to do accessibility testing of them. 

2. Dynamic sites - organization

1.	Static pages  (hosted on web server)
2.	Images and objects (hosted on web server)
3.	HTML templates (hosted on backend server)
4.	Dynamic pages such as JSP, ASP, PHP and others on Back end server

3. Steps to Accessibility testing

3.1. Static HTML hosted on web server

Test the static pages (as given at the bottom) hosted on the web server and
fix them appropriately.

3.2. Images and Objects hosted

Make sure appropriate ALT attribute text is added to the static and dynamic
pages which include the images.

Provide alternative textual information links wherever the Java applets or
other objects are included.

3.3.  HTML templates (some site may not have separate HTML templates)

1.	Stop templates coding temporarily
2.	Test  (as given below) HTML templates and fix them appropriately.

3.4.  Dynamic HTML generated by Back end application

3.4.1 Tools which can analyze dynamic page files

1.	Stop coding temporarily
2.	Test the JSP or ASP pages using the tool
3.	Fix them appropriately.

3.4.2 Tools which can not analyze the dynamic page files

1.	Stop coding dynamic pages temporarily
2.	Host the pages on a test site
3.	Navigate to the test site and load the pages in a browser.
4.	Save the HTML source locally.
5.	Test (as given below) the saved pages and identify the violations.
6.	Fix the violations in the html added by dynamic pages (ASP, JSP,
PHP, etc), which generate the above pages. 

Best regards,

Natasha Lipkina
hp.com Platform Services
Tel: 650-236-5409
Telnet: 236-5409

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Hello Andrew,

You Wrote: How do your sites store images and objects for later retrieval?
Does the database insist on having ALT text and other image or object
attributes stored with the images/objects? Does the http server always
retrieve these attributes and send them back to the browser with the built

Doyle:  One of our technicians replied 'No, the database does not insist on
having alt text and other image or object attributes stored with the
images/objects'.  This person has a visual disability.  He has some
awareness of the issues involved.  

His observed that retrieval depended upon whether or not the coders did the
retrieval coding concerning the built page.  I discussed with him how the
law requires those things, and he started to get a different picture of what
the programmers are supposed to be doing.
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