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The transfer of legal responsibility onto website producers to make  
electronic products accessible leads into the discussion of which 
software package produces the most accessible web sites. 

It also raises the question of; if governments begin policing web sites 
is it their responsibility to offer up the tools for accessibility 

-- Resources regarding UK legislation --

1. Disability Discrimination Act - A brief guide

2. Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 
Read the legislation first hand

3. Office of the e-Envoy
Guidelines for UK Government websites

4. TechDis 
JISC service aimed at enhancing ICT access 

	4.1  a quick summary of the legislation as it relates to ICT at:

The new law will requires 'reasonable adjustments' be made  
to websites so that they are inclusive to all wishing to access  
resources contained within a domain. In terms of website accessibility 
the following is considered best practice :

	Websites should meet W3C WAI priority 1& 2 guidelines 
	Validate all HTML & CSS with validation software 

The legislation isn't specific as it relates to ICT which means that 
this is a 'case law' type of legislation which will depend on 
precedents in court opinion on a case by case basis.

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