EOWG: Draft appendix for cost considerations


I'm forwarding a draft document for EOWG discussion from Mark Urban,
containing a HTML file which should archive onto the EOWG mailing list. 

This draft is the result of some work during the EOWG meeting this past
Sunday in Los Angeles, specifically some work that Phill Jenkins, Mark
Urban and Rob Neff did as a follow-up to some group discussion, and that
the group then gave additional feedback on. They had offered to send it to
the EOWG list during this week so that people could review it and continue
discussion at this Friday's meeting (March 30, 2001). 

Please look this over -- some interesting material here. The idea would be
to include something like this as an attachment/appendix to

Please note also the change requests since last time at

Phill, Rob, I don't know if this has all your comments in it, but there's
good material here for discussion in any case. Thanks (Mark too) for
helping getting this going.


- Judy

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>Sorry about the delay, its been a bad week.
>I am sending this to Judy and Wendy so that they have something to work with
>if I don't get your feedback in time.
>Please edit the Word document, with changes highlighted.
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> financial_note_to_business_case_;financial_note_to_business_case_
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