Fucia and Lime Green: Yes, those *are* the most effective colors

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Friday, February 16, 2001

Fucia and Lime Green: Yes, those *are* the most effective colors
with customers -- at least in the study below. As disturbing as the
finding is, we shouldn't ignore it if it's true. This excerpt
is from a recent CHI-WEB post by one Donna Tellam, talking about her
experience at a photo site:

   ... we changed the functional button labeled "Order Photo Prints"
   from a standard button (that looked like all the others) to
   obnoxiously-colored blinking buttons (requested by Marketing). We
   tested various obnoxious buttons and gathered click-through
   statistics on them. Much to my chagrin, we discovered that the
   more obnoxious the button, the higher the click-through. Fucia
   and lime green with blinking text were by far the winners.
   My colleagues in Marketing both came from a wedding site and said
   that they ran similar click-through studies on small
   advertisement buttons run on the major portal sites (Excite and
   Yahoo). They found the same things... fucia and lime green
   provided the best results. But here's what's even more
   revolting... if they distorted the logo on the buttons and used
   poor quality, pixellated images, the click-through rates from the
   portal sites was even higher.

Welcome to the experience economy.

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