Outreach: New Brandeis University Program on Internet

A minor leap for Internet
Brandeis will be 1st to create Net Studies program in the US
By Patrick Healy, Boston Globe Staff, 2/9/2001


"Brandeis University, known for its superior music and biology programs, 
yesterday staked a 21st century kind of claim: It became the first US 
college to create a liberal arts curriculum and [undergraduate] degree in 
Internet Studies.
The Brandeis faculty unanimously approved a minor in the nascent academic 
field, which weaves classes in computer science, law, economics, and other 
disciplines into an education of how Web-centric Americans work, play, and 
learn. ..."

The Internet Studies Program is described at:


I contacted the interim chair of the program, Associate Professor Tim 
Hickey, <tim@cs.brandeis.edu>, about WAI. He enthusiastically replied:

"Thanks for the pointers and references. I've added your suggested links
to the course outline notes for lecture 2 on Webpages and Stylesheets
and I'll mention the Wave and Bobby tools in class next week. The
availability of such tools could greatly increase the likelihood that
web designers will use such tools. ... Accessibility is a good issue for this
course because it involves technology, law, physiology, and some
psychology as well. We'll try to highlight it more in years to come.
(I may emphasize it more in the Cosi2a course which is more directly
involved with web site design)."

Regards/Harvey Bingham

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