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<title> Business Case Cost Factors</title>
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<meta name="author" content="Mark Urban, Phill Jenkins, Robert Neff">
<meta name="subject" content="Web Accessibility Initiative Business Case
Financial Note">
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<h1>Appendix E: Cost Considerations for Business Case</h1>
<p>Note: This document is an initial draft
[see change log in progress] and should not be referenced
or quoted under any circumstances. This document is under development by
the Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG), and
will be offered to other W3C groups and the public for review.</p>
<p>This appendix to "Customizing a Business Case and Implementation Plan for
Web Accessibility" presents analyses of the cost/benefit factors involved in
implementing accessibility into Web presences.
<p>Many of the factors that must be considered are listed with examples of how they might be considered from a direct expense view, an investment view, or as assets/liabilities.</p>

Once a strategic decision is made to scope the level of effort, the
deployment will need to be translated into operational requirements with
costs applied. The costs will include training, design, quality assurance or
test processes. The impact on
current projects will also need to be assessed.</p>
<h2>Accessibility Implementation Strategy</h2>
<p>There are several conditions that will determine
implementation strategy and costs. Implementing
accessibility may involve just operations or both business and operations.
The key to implementing universal accessibility is to realize economies
of scale where business and operational changes can be incorporated.</p>
<p>This can be accomplished by:</p>

<li>Specific regulatory timeline (enforcement dates)</li>
<li> Incorporation into current redesigns proposals (information and
project schedules)</li><li>New web applications</li><li>New business requirements or strategy</li><li>Technology implementation choices (Applets, Flash, Frames, Client
vs server, etc.)</li><li>New operational (Incorporation into current hardware, software or
infrastructure upgrades</li><li>Availability of tools and resources</li>
<p>Once a decision has been made to implement accessibility, the 
  next decision is when to implement and this will be driven by the requirements 
<h3>Considerations for cost and benefit:</h3>

<ul style="margin-top:0in" type="disc">
  <li class="MsoNormal" style="mso-list:l3 level1 lfo6;tab-stops:list .5in">Short 
    term costs: 
      <li>Accessibility Assessment</li>
          <li> Management awareness training</li>
          <li>Document Author training</li>
          <li>Developer training</li>
      <li>Subject matter expert time</li>
      <li>Materials, equipment, tools and assistive technologies</li>
      <li>Developer time?</li>
<li>Quality assurance and testing?</li>
  <li class="MsoNormal" style="mso-list:l3 level1 lfo6;tab-stops:list .5in">Impacts 
    or effects on development (could be + or -): 
      <li>Accessibility Architecture (Modeling? Framework? Guidelines?)</li>
      <li>Site Updates</li>
      <li>Process for managing inaccessible legacy content</li>
      <li>Development of content checking process or tools</li>
      <li>Reduced life cycle development, operational, and maintenance costs</li>
      <li>Increase portability to new devices and technologies</li>
      <li>Potentials for economies of scale</li>
      <li>Trained corps of developers</li>
  <li class="MsoNormal" style="mso-list:l3 level1 lfo6;tab-stops:list .5in">Impacts 
    or effects on site functioning (could be + or -): 
    <li>Number of pages: dynamic vs. static</li>
      <li>Changed Transfer rate costs</li>
      <li>Changed Speed of Transaction</li>
      <li>Variations in user agent support</li>
  <li>Impacts or effects on organisational place and image (could be + or -): 
      <li>Market share 
          <li>New market opportunities </li>
          <li>Product branding enhancements</li>
      <li>Organisational Image improvements</li>
      <li>Increased usability</li>
      <li>Content that is better indexed and easier to search/mine/find</li>
      <li>New method of providing services will lower cost of providing services 
          <li>Savings in hardcopy/multimode document delivery</li>
          <li>Reduced costs of alternative format production and distribution</li>


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