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SVG is so much fun that I tried to make the WAI logo in SVG. I could not help hearing somebody say it looked blurry. Don't know why, but it does not work in all browsers. Dared to attach the file to the mail because it is so small. Please note that when you zoom into the file, the box does not become larger like when zooming into a jpg image. Thus users can loose overview over the image. Does somebody know if this is at all possible?
I use the adobe svg viewer in Netscape 4.7 and IE 5

Regarding the page: http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/Drafts/WAI-home5.html
In Netscape 4.7, the left side of the table fills the whole page. I have to scroll to the right to see the other items.

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Received on Friday, 25 August 2000 11:01:46 UTC