Re: Web pages


Thanks for your reply. I've cc'd it to the EOWG mailing list to add to the
discussion there.

Regarding the multiple links per line, please see William's & my discussion
of that in my reply to his comments (it's around the middle of that long
message). I'd be interested in your reaction to the various options in that


At 11:18 AM 8/24/00 -0400, Libby G. Cohen wrote:
>I think that you've done a nice job with the Web pages. They have been
>thoughtfully developed. The only concern I have is that links not be on
>the same line. Suggest that each link be on a separate line. I will
>continue to evaluate and send you comments. Unfortunately, I will be
>unable to attend the meeting on Friday, August 25.
>Libby Cohen
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