Note: the following comments refer only to the draft home page.
[ http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/Drafts/WAI-home.html ]

Overall impression:
         I like it.  Easy to read, nicely organized, generally clear link 
text (see comments below).  Personally, I like the foreground, background 
and highlight colours.

Minor points:
         The H1 title: "Web Accessibility Initiative" follows directly on 
the alt-text "Web  Accessibility Initiative (WAI)" behind the WAI logo 
image.  A bit redundant perhaps.  Short of  something old-fashioned, like 
"Home page", I can't really think of anything better at the moment.
         In reference to the Berners-Lee quote near the top of the page -- 
I know the convention is to render citations in italic face, but I find 
italics harder to read on most computer screens at most any resolution and 
         Near the bottom -- I presume that when the disclaimer "This is a 
DRAFT replacement for WAI home page. Links not complete." line goes away, 
the "Last update" information will stand on its own line.  Right now, it 
could use a line break before and after it.
         Link text -- under "WAI Resource Library", "easy intros" and "how 
to's" seems very idiomatic to me.  Are those examples of North-American 
laziness commonly understood by anyone who speaks or reads English?
         Under "About WAI" -- the link "Questions about site?" confuses 
me.  Why is there a question mark? The phrase seems too incomplete.

Browser-specific comments:

Internet Explorer (Build 5.00.2314.1003) at 800x600 resolution, 24-bit 
color depth:
         Personally, I like the foreground, background and highlight colours.
         All elements on the page scale nicely with browser font-size 
changes (except for the graphic logos (which aren't SVG yet <grin>) and the 
search box and Search button.  By the way, did the User Agent working group 
ask for browsers to support scalable form controls and input boxes?

Internet Explorer 5 at 640x480 and 256 colours:
         The layout is still good, but some of the colour has 
disappeared.  The light green background behind the top text links is gone 
an now appears the same yellow as behind the subsequent header lines.  The 
page background color is no longer distinguished, but the 
foreground/background contrast is still fine for me.

Netscape Communicator 4.61at 640x480 and 256 colours:
         Layout is fine, (but the search box now scrolls off the screen to 
the right)  No highlight or background colours appear at all in this mode.

Netscape Communicator 4.61at 800x600 and 24-bit colour depth:
         Layout is ok and all highlight and background colours display.  By 
the way, the search field and submit button DO scale with font-changes in 
Netscape 4.61.  How about that!.  Somebody tell Microsoft.


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