Re: Dublin Core Meta Tags Resource?

Dublin Core stuff co-exists with other meta information. I can't think of any
time when it is not appropriate to use it, although it is probably better
used in RDF which is difficult to edit by hand than in meta elements.

I'm not sure of a resource off the top of my head - most of the current W3C
work on metadata can be found via the RDF home page at


On Sat, 5 Aug 2000, Kathleen Anderson wrote:

  More info on this request:
  " Regarding Dublin Core, I seek to understand -when- it is appropriate to
  their tags, and whether they -supplant- or -coexist- with regular meta tags.
  That is my mission. I know which tags are out there, I don't have clear
  understanding of their relationship to regular meta tags and when to use
  I would really like to help him - he has written a free VBA Macro for
  FrontPage 2000 that checks page HTML for;
  (A) <TITLE>: present and first element in <HEAD> section
  (B) Meta Tags present;
  (C)That (foreground) images use ALT-TEXT, specify HEIGHT and WIDTH.
  Wahoo! I've asked him to add a check for the DOCTYPE declaration and sent
  him this link:
  ~ Kathleen Anderson
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  > Hi:
  > I received the following question today from a FrontPage newsgroup member:
  > "I wonder if you know of a resource that is as clear about the use of
  > Core meta tags?"
  > Can anyone provide a resource?
  > Thank you,
  > ~ Kathleen Anderson
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